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Muscle Soreness vs. Pain. What's the difference?

There are many benefits to exercise and training, including the potential for improved physical and mental well being. However, there may also be some physical discomfort associated with these activities due to the stresses placed on the body.A physical therapist can be a valuable resource to you throughout your exercise journey. Before beginning an exercise routine, your physical therapist can perform a variety of pre-activity assessments to determine your readiness for exercise. Based on this, your physical therapist may also recommend specific exercises that will best prepare you for your desired activities. They will also discuss the best strategies for introducing and progressing exercise activities while minimizing your chance of becoming injured.In the unfortunate situation when exercise leads to an injury, your physical therapist will assist in your recovery in many ways. They will help with initial pain management, identify and address all factors that may have contributed to your injury to prevent further problems and provide specific recommendations regarding reintegration into exercise as appropriate. At Advanced Balance Studio in San Pedro California, we offer sports injury prevention programs, group stretch classes designed and monitored by a doctor of physical therapy. Call or come in to learn more.

5 Exercises to reduce knee pain

Knee pain can keep you from enjoying life. Try these 5 simple exercises as a potential start to eliminating your pain. Follow-up with your physical therapist so they can examine, evaluate, and design a treatment plan specific to your needs. Also, join our small group injury prevention classes at our studio in San Pedro, to improve the way you move.

Physical Therapist's Guide to Ankle Sprain

Don't ignore your ankle sprain! It can have lasting effects on your performance. See your physical therapist soon.

Avoid Addictive Opioids. Choose Physical Therapy for Safe Pain Management. #ChoosePT

If you are suffering from pain, choose to see your physical therapist for safe management!

Advanced Balance Talks About Pain

Pain can effect the physical, social and psychological aspects of our lives, let's talk about it.

What You Should Know About Back Pain

If you have low back pain, you are not alone.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion.

Get Direct Access to PT

"the role of the physician gatekeeper in regard to physical therapy may be unnecessary in many cases,"

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